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Critical Keys for Couples
Dr. Laura L. Pauly, Licensed Ph.D. Psychologist Critical Keys for Couples - Communicate Positively, Cooperate, Respect Differences, Share Intimacy, Choose to Act Loving, Have Fun Together
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1. Communicate Positively. Ask for what you want and what you need rather than assume, shut down, or make demands. Release blame and criticism. Use "I" statements rather than "you" statements.
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2. Cooperate. Remember you are on the same team rather than competing as opponents. Try to validate you partner by acknowledging his/her perspective even if you don't always agree. Remember what draws you together rather than ge in a destructive
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3. Respect Differences. Allow space for each partner to be an individual in how he/she does tasks and fulfills obligations. Devote time for individual hobbies and pursuits.
4. Share Intimacy. Share feelings- desires, hopes and dreams. This will bring you closer emotionally and make the partnership stronger. Touch each other physically. Make time to be intimate.
5. Choose to Act Loving. Make an attitude adjustment for your own bad moods without dumping of taking them out on your partner. Take the moral high ground.
6. Have Fun Together. Prioritize time for each other as s couple. Make time for having fun rather than dwelling on problems.
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