Inner Resources Inc.
Inner Resources Inc. is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin area counseling and psychotherapy outpatient mental health clinic and consultation practice specializing in helping clients change long standing emotional habit patterns. We will help you process through
issu Dr. Laura Pauly Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
Corporate Consulting
Contact Us  Resources Counseling and Consultation Can Help You:  Overcome depression, anxiety and low self -esteem. Deal with fears of intimacy and commitment. Express greater confidence and creativity. Bulid strong and lasting relationships.
Tips for Couples
Stress Release Tips
Stop self-defeating patterns and addictions. Reduce anger and conflict to improve communications. Heal past losses, hurts and mistrust. Cope creatively wiht stress and life change
Michael J. Konieczka L.S.W. Psychotherapist
Transform fear into deeper personal meaning and spirituality. Be the person you want to be, with healthy relationships and a joy filled life
Counseling and Psychotherapy -  We have a broad range of expertise and offer a broad range of counseling services to individuals, couples and families. Services offered include marriage counseling, relationship counseling, depression, anxiety or fears
We also offer a broad range of counseling experience with a variety of issues including eating disorders, addictions or substance abuse, geriatric issues, Gay/Lesbian issues, Impulse control issues, parenting issues and other life impacting issues.
We offer psychotherapy to help clients resolve current issues, relationship problems, life crises, as well as unresolved family of origin issues. Our goal is to help clients tap into their own inner resources, learn new skills and strategies to create
We offer Executive Counseling and Corporate Consultation to help clients deal positively with issues in the work place. Services range from counseling and life coaching to corporate wellness programs.
Inner Resources Inc. Milwaukee area counseling and psychotherapy 12545 W. Burleigh, Suite 1, Brookfield, WI 53005  (262) 789-7100